The report is a result of the Argentine G20 Presidency and G20 Member States’, invited partners and International Organisations efforts to highlight activities in the field of Inclusive Business. We are grateful for the intensive guidance of Dr Christian Jahn, Executive Director, Inclusive Business Action Network, and Marcos Athias Neto, Director, Istanbul International
Center for Private Sector in Development, United Nations Development Programme, in preparing the report framework. Katharina Banz, Coordinator of Operations, Inclusive Business Action Network, and Katharina Danisch, Trainee Capacity Development, Inclusive Business
Action Network, analysed the underlying fact sheets covering 47 projects, initiatives and policies, and drafted the findings, with strong input from Patrick Scheffer, Trainee Communications, Inclusive Business Action Network. Susann Tischendorf, Director Communications
and Digital Innovation, Inclusive Business Action Network, led the report development and outreach. We greatly thank Alexandra Harris for providing editorial support, and DITHO Design
GmbH for the report’s design.